How to Donate

How to Make Your Donation: Step-by-step Pledging Guide

  • If you are not already signed in, Sign In. 
    • For assistance signing in, please see Login Help
  • Click Donate Now to begin the pledge process.
  • Click Start a New Gift or Renew Your Previous Gift*.
    *If there is a gift on file for the prior year, the option to Renew Your Previous Gift will be presented.
  • Choose a payment method. Each payment method will have different instruction.

    • For Payroll Deduction
      • Choose either Dollar Amount or % of Salary. Enter your gift amount either by the Total Amount or Per Pay Period Amount.
      • You can also calculate your gift by entering your estimated annual salary and the updated % of salary. Your HR Department will verify and confirm the gift amount.
  • Click Continue.
  • To allocate your gift, use the sliders or enter amount(s). If you want to allocate to another nonprofit, follow the steps below.
  • Click Find a Charity.
  • Search by Charity Name or Description.
  • If charity does not appear at first, try:
    • Under Scope click All agencies before searching again. 
    • Search by Location and update the search to use a smaller zip code range.
  • If charity does not appear, choose write in.
    • Provide as much information about the charity as possible, including name, city, state and URL if known to ensure your gift is sent to the correct branch if applicable.
  • Once you have allocated 100% of your gift, follow the rest of the steps to complete your changes. You will see a thank you page when you have successfully finished all the steps.
  • An automatic email confirmation will be sent to your work email address.
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